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● Guide David Carranza is an accomplished fly fisherman who has developed and perfected the Stillwater fly fishing techniques used on Crowley Lake.

● David has a great personality and reputation throughout the Eastern Sierra and Crowley Lake. He is always enthusiastic, positive and willing to assist with angling information and success.

● David specializes in teaching the Stillwater fly fishing method to all levels of experience; from first time anglers and novices, to children, intermediate and advanced anglers.

● David’s love and passion for fly fishing and desire to be one of the best, makes it easy for him to teach fly fishing on Crowley Lake. “I will employ all my knowledge and experience to bring you the excitement and rush of the fish bite (aka as “The Grab”), the battle, and landing of fish to the net".

● David also ties his own "quality" flies which include time tested patterns and his own unique patterns.

● David is bilingual in the Spanish language so for all those Spanish speakers, “Vamos a la pesca de mosca!” (Let’s go fly fishing)

Guide David Carranza

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